27 March to 3 April 2004


in the Theatre Upstairs




The Good Woman of Setzuan


by Bertolt Brecht


An NVT Youth Theatre Production - directed by Nick Beeby


The gods are disappointed! They created a wonderful world, but now from on high, all they see is hunger, suffering, avarice and cruelty.

Are there really no good people in this world?

The gods set off on a mission to find one -- just one. They find Setzuan prostitute Shen Te, who appears to be good, but she struggles -- and surely her profession must count against her.

With a little help from the gods, she hauls herself up out of the gutter, but staying out is tougher than she thinks. This is where her 'cousin' comes in...

This Youth Theatre production will be colourful, musical and exuberant! Come and see Setzuan at its most unglamorous and ignoble. Great fun!







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