17 to 31 January 2004


in the Theatre Upstairs


Last Resort


The Last Resort


written & directed by Nik Hedges And Eleanor Gamper


Phoebe Fingerspoon has less than twenty-four hours to save Brighton from doom. It's a mission impossible that will take her into a world where time and space are strangely confused. Will she succeed? Perhaps -- with the help (and occasional hindrance) of a motley assortment of Brighton's more colourful characters, including, of course, yourselves!

Come for a dip in the briny with Martha Gunn! Enjoy a spoonful of tonic with eighteenth century health guru, Doctor Russell ... but don't accept chocolates from Christiana and definitely avoid sharing your cod and chips with the legendary Brighthelm!

The Last Resort is a completely original pantomime, written by NVT members, Eleanor Gamper and Nik Hedges, assisted by the tireless efforts of a truly inspirational workshop group.




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