16 to 23 January 2010


in the Studio Theatre


Ugly One


The Ugly One & Your Face Your Fortune


The Ugly One


by Marius von Mayenburg (translated by Maja Zade)


directed by Mike Stubbs



Your Face Your Fortune


by Tamar Daly and Sara Popowa


An evening of drama and visual performance, featuring the play The Ugly One and continuing with Your Face, Your Fortune, created in response to the play.

The Ugly One is a sharp and bizarre comedy on beauty, identity and getting ahead (or a face) in life. Lette thought he was normal. But to everyone else, including his loving wife, he is 'unspeakably' ugly. When the extent of his ugliness is revealed he turns to a plastic surgeon for help. But after the bandages come off, Lette soon learns that there is such a thing as too beautiful. This play owes glancing debts to the Marx Brothers and Kenny Everett and laughs at our obsession with external beauty.

Your Face, Your Fortune extends the themes of The Ugly One into a live happening. It toys with the possibility of changing one's fortune by changing one's face and invites the audience to participate in a 'photographic facial surgery'.

Be prepared for it to get a little sticky...







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