26 January to 2 February 2008


in the Studio Theatre


Strangers on a Train


Strangers On A Train


by Craig Warner


directed by Pat Boxall


What's it like to get away with murder?

America. 1950. Two strangers meet in the dining car of a train and strike up a confessional conversation. To architect Guy Haines, it's a casual diversion; to psychopathic playboy Charles Bruno, it's the striking of a deadly pact to commit the perfect crime. For both, it's a journey that leads to damnation.

Powerful and compelling, Strangers on a Train is a psychological thriller, full of mystery and suspense, portraying a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel that also inspired a Hitchcock film, Craig Warner's play delves deeper into the darkest realms of desire, guilt and betrayal.







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