23 to 28 May 2006




The Therapists


written and directed by Andy Thomas


Sam and Bernard are the worst therapists in Brighton. By placing small ads in local newspapers, they have been able to carve out a desperate career offering advice to the needy. Legend has it that Bernard thought that playing '19' by Paul Hardcastle to a shell-shocked soldier, might help to 'snap him out of it'.

But time is running out. With eviction on the horizon and their iron obsessed landlord Charles on their trail, the Therapists have one patient left. Meanwhile, in 1944, therapist Harold Reader and his patient Edna, are about to embark on an affair. But Charles' grandfather, the feared Brighton air raid warden, has one more light to put out.

Their paths could not possibly cross! Or could they? Come and witness their collision in this rollercoaster of endless gags. Not to be missed!

The Therapists... Counselling: Redefined.








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