25 February to 4 March 2006


in the Studio Theatre


Blue Hills


Blue Remembered Hills


by Dennis Potter


directed by Cheryl Brown


"Isn't that the one where adults pretend to be seven year olds?"

If Dennis Potter chose to have full-grown actors play his pint-sized characters just to catch people's attention, he certainly succeeded. But the quirky casting in this tale of West Country childhood during the Second World War is more than just a gimmick.

Often when we look at children at play or recall our young selves and our playground memories, it's easy to do so with wistful generosity. Those with more dry-eyed vision will know that joy, pain, excitement, anxiety, laughter and dreams loomed as large in our childhood as they do in our adult lives. When our cast of "big kids" helps you revisit those "best days of your life" the resulting drama and comedy will leave no room for indulgent nostalgia ...

Last one to the box office is a sissy!







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