4 to 18 November 2000

in the Studio Theatre


written & directed by Toby Collins

A new musical thriller from the team who brought you Assassins last season. What if you were invited to the end of the West Pier, at night, to receive one million pounds? And what if you went, only to find out that there was a catch? And what if the catch was to tell the truth? And what if the truth could kill?

Six characters (or is it seven?), one night, six suspects, one million. Risk is a new musical thriller by Toby Collins (Time and Again, The Boys in the Bar), and is presented in collaboration with The Accidental Theatre Company. With more twists in its tale than a python and even more venom than a viper, Risk promises to be the most thrilling ride in Brighton this season. Patrons are advised that this musical is not suitable for children or those with a heart condition. Do not come alone!

What if you received an invitation telling you to come to the end of Brighton's West Pier on new year's eve -- to receive one million pounds?

Would you go? What if you did? What would you find? Who would you find? And what if what you did find was a lethal combination of people, stories, lies and deceptions? Would it be worth the risk?

RISK is a musical thriller, which will take you on a roller-coaster ride of suspense, surprise, shock and horror. You won't know who is telling the truth, who to trust and, at some points, you won't be sure what is real and what are lies, who's alive or who is really dead. Set on the end of the crumbling West Pier at the turn of the century, five characters find themselves cut off from the world with a mad man. Skeletons stumble from closets as the lives of the not-so-innocent guests are laid bare and their safety and order start to crumble, like the pier, around them.

RISK is the third full-length musical by Brighton-based composer/writer Toby Collins. His previous productions, Time and Again (1997) and The Boys in the Bar (1999) were sell-out successes. The cast of RISK includes some of the Assassins from the NVT's hit show of earlier this year (Kinny Gardner, Jim Calderwood, Jo Lee, Lex Hills). Two more --Toby Collins and Carl Boardman -- team up again as director and musical director, respectively.

RISK contains strong language. It is not suitable for young children or those of a nervous disposition.

See it! That is, if you're willing to take the RISK...



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