8 to 10 December 2005




Dream Play


A DreamsLeap production


DreamsLeap Theatre Company is joining the New Venture Theatre this autumn for its Dreams & Visions season. Our current work involves performing peoples' dreams. Each member of our audience is rich in dreams -- whether waking or sleeping dreams. We have worked with the dreams of many people already, awakening dreams that are everyday and dreams that are extraordinary, both of equal significance and transformative power. All dreams and all dreamers are invited.

We have a unique style that involves both improvisation and ensemble playing. We use our bodies to create the environment and atmosphere of the stories that we tell. Just like your dreams, every night is different.

DreamsLeap carry the night into the day and allow people to see into it and find the stars they named as theirs and begin to follow them, to realign themselves...

So set your alarm clocks and join us for an evening of dream sleep!





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