10 to 13 March 2005





by Michael Gow


An NVT Youth production - directed by Nick Beeby


The Youth Theatre is proud to be involved in the Royal National Theatre's Shell Connections programme for the first time. This new work by Michael Gow will give them the opportunity to stretch their creative wings.

Ella is turning 17. She remembers the fun she's had on her birthdays in the past. The only thing she finds odd is that she's never had any relatives at her celebrations. A few days before her birthday, a strange group of people appears in her street, then at her door. At first they pretend to be looking at her house, but it turns out they are her relatives.They've come to prepare her for her birthday. What have Ella's parents kept from her for so long? Why have her relatives moved heaven and earth to track her down? What can Ella do to prevent the inevitable?







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