22 to 29 January 2005


in the Studio Theatre




The Duchess of Malfi


by John Webster


directed by Nik Hedges


Webster's sublime tragedy has enchanted audiences world-wide since 1614. The ultimate Jacobean tragedy, it encapsulates all the accepted forms of the revenge play, taking its audience on an exciting journey crammed with deceit and murder. The widowed Duchess attempts to reclaim control over her destiny, by not only defying the wishes of her brothers that she not re-marry, but by marrying in secret for love a man of inferior rank. (Thus she sets in motion a series of tragic and shocking events that culminate in a horrifying climax.)

This visually spellbinding production presents the play in a way suitable for a 21st century audience. The 17-strong cast, with the support of original music composed by Eleanor Gamper, creates a brooding atmosphere heavy with thrilling menace.







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